Welcome to In Search of Taste magazine.

When I first had the idea of creating an independent wine and food magazine I was driven by a sense of enquiry and a wish to engage with the real as much as with the romantic.

My wish was to return to a dialogue that examined the simplicity and originality of context, highlighting methods and traditional flavours that reach beyond the merely innovative. I felt that the publication could also provide insight and explanation, as much with powerful imagery as it could with words.

I am not alone on this voyage and have been joined by a chorus of independent and incisive voices from around the world – writers, artists and photographers – whose contributions provide rich and varied perspectives.

We seek out and examine the essence of all we eat and drink, be it from the farm, the sea, the vineyard, the market, the kitchen or the restaurant, all in the belief that an understanding of place, and a respect for culture, can provide an important key to delicious tastes.

The principle purpose of all we eat and drink is to provide refreshment and nourishment. It must never do anything less, but we believe it can do so much more. We will reappraise accepted facts, challenge received assumptions, educate, inspire and amuse.

You hold in your hands the first issue of our venture together – independent and thought provoking, with inspiring prose and beautiful imagery, unsullied by pages of advertising.

We are delighted that you are joining us on this voyage of discovery.