In Search of Taste is no ordinary magazine. As a quarterly printed publication, our editorial task is to seek out and assess that which is genuine and undisguised in the world of food and wine.

We excluded all advertising and product placement. We have no wish to juxtapose sales text with direct prose, nor do we need to confuse our own designs with those of random commercial imagery.

We want to create a forum for original thought in our many and diverse subjects across a variety of media. Writers, illustrators and photographers will be selected for their unique contribution to any given subject. Additionally, all visual externalisation and direct debate will run side-by-side, rather than be selected as ancillary decoration or literary afterthought. Form and content will be experienced as one entity.

We want to avoid the superficiality of food and wine discussion so common amongst mainstream publications. As our content has no need to support a particular demographic for advertisers to influence, we believe that our subject matter can and will be investigated from source to consumption – warts and all.

Finally, we believe our publication will be both exciting and entertaining for anyone interested in the basics of food and wine – wherever and however they are being produced on our spectacular planet.